Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Owen Bradley Big Guitar

Owen Bradley known for a great
music producer and star maker
made two outstanding tittyshaker instrumentals on Decca record "Big Guitar" on Decca 30564 and "Whirlwind" on Decca 30372. Bradley was born in Westmoreland Tennessee, at an early age he started playing piano in night clubs and roadhouses. 

In 1947 he took the position of a music arranger for Decca records.
He worked with many of the biggest country talents of the time, Ernest Tubb, Burl Ives, Red Foley, and Kitty Wells.

He was one of the major factors in creating the Nashville sound he starting producing and was a star maker for Pasty Cline, Brenda Lee, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, and the list goes on.

Makes one wonder why he ended up with these two groovers. Big Guitar make you feel like your in a smoke filled strip club watching sultry half naked dancers an 2 am in the morning reeking of stale booze and cigarettes.

Whrilwind on the other hand makes you feel like you scored with one of the strippers and end up home with her. Having hot and torrid sex to the wee morning hours, with a women's cry of pleasure on the records to add to the flavor.

Both of these records for the most part sell for under $20.00 and I have seen Big Guitar go for as little as $2.50. I feel it still pretty much an unknown record that will find climb in sells.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mel Henke Tittyshaking On 77 Sunset Strip

Mel Henke had only a albums under him as being the leader.
The covers of his LP's where sexy cheesecake photo's or amusing to the eye. He was on several labels such as Contemporary, Warner Brothers, tempo, Dobre, & VitaCoustic on 78 RPM. I have not listened to all of his music but I did find a couple of cool tittyshakers he recorded. First one is "77 Sunset Strip" very uptempo groover that makes to want to run off to a strip club and ask one of girls please dance to this tune. The other is "The Twisters" very cool song with a slow groove. Below I found them on YouTube so you can check them out for yourself.

This is what all music had to say about henke's space age music.

"By the early '40s he had settled in Los Angeles, leading his own trio on the side. This outfit landed a deal to make a pair of albums on the Contemporary label, which is where jazz buffs inevitably come across him. Fans of the type of challenging jazz often presented on this label may find the concoctions of Henke a bit bubbly; his followers seem to drift in more from the aforementioned loungey or space age waiting rooms."

Lorry Raine Rockabilly Jiver

Lorry Raine is best known for a jazz singer not a rockabilly artist. In 1956 she recorded "Cotton Pickin' Kisses" and the flip "Casual Look" (a ballad) on Dot 15493. A good rockabilly jiver with a great sax break. Raine recorded on the Advance label putting out a album also an EP and a few 45's most are jazz vocals. 

The Advance 714 LP Interlude With Lorry Raine is pretty hard to find selling for around $240.00
The EP Advance 4000 sells around $100.00
Cotton Pickin' Kisses on Dot 15493 sells around $30.00
There is a computation LP called "Ice Cream Daddy" (super Tough 50's Female Jivers Vol.2) 24 various female artists sells around $18.00

Lorry Raine Advance EP

Ann Margret